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Councillor David McGuinness - Representing Dublin 15 on Fingal County Council


McGuinness Welcomes News of 1,400 Jobs for Blanchardstown

November 14th 2014 | Posted by David

Dublin West Fianna Fáil Councillor David McGuinness has welcomed news that 1,000 construction jobs and 400 permanent skilled jobs will be created following an announcement by Bristol Meyers Squibb today outlining an expansion of operation at their Cruiserath Site in North Blanchardstown.

“BMS are an important company in Dublin West. They have provided a base of Pharma Excellence and have provided employment for a lot of families in West Dublin. Recently, a job loss announcement from BMS was devastating for the area but today’s announcement is excellent news for Dublin 15,” said McGuinness.

“This news comes following the arrival a new Pharma plant beside BMS. Alexion Pharmaceutical are currently building their plant across the road from BMS and Dublin 15 is quickly becoming a centre of excellence for the pharmaceutical industry. I would like to congratulate the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Fingal County Council for their continued efforts in developing Dublin West as a hub of Foreign-Direct Investment,” concluded McGuinness.


Dublin Bus and Rail Rip Off Needs to be Opposed: McGuinness

October 28th 2014 | Posted by David

Leo Varadkar’s Legacy Delivers Year on Year Price Increases Despite rising Passenger Numbers

Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has called the latest announcement by the National Transport Authority (NTA) a complete Rip off. Dublin Bus passengers travelling from The Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to Dublin City Centre will see their fare increase from €3.05 to €3.30 while train passengers commuting from Castleknock, Coolmine or Clonsilla to Dublin City Centre will also see their fares increase by 4.3% or €6 for a return journey.

“With the M50 getting more congested by the day and volumes of traffic on the capital’s roads returning to pre-recession levels, the Government’s solution is to drive people away from public transportation by these sharp increases in fares. Petrol and Diesel prices have shown consistent signs of coming down. Now is not the time to make personal car journeys more appealing than using the bus or train,” said McGuinness.

“Apart from the negative impact that these increases will have on the commuting members of Dublin’s workforce, who are driving Ireland’s economic recovery, they also have a huge impact on those who are totally dependent on public transportation. These are the same poor people who can not rely on the use of the leap card and will inevitably use cash when making necessary journeys within their communities. Unemployed and lower-paid workers will see there resrouces drained by these increases which they have had to endure over recent years,” added McGuinness.

“This represents Leo Varadkar’s legacy from the Department of Transport. In Fenruary of 2014, the then Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar said:

I would anticipate that when we look at the fares again in December, we will not see anything like 5%. Increases will be much more moderate.’

Today’s annnouncement flies in the face of the Minister’s empty promises as increases represent between 5% and 13%. This is a disgraceful way to treat workers and the poorest of society. The Government’s agenda is flawed and people are losing faith in their public transportation. The service has not seen a corresponding increase in delivery so these fare increases are totally unjustified and need to be opposed,” concluded McGuinness.


McGuinness Calls for Clarity and Calm Following Suspected Ebola Case in Tyrrelstown, Dublin West

October 20th 2014 | Posted by David

McGuinness Calls for Clarity and Calm Following Suspected Ebola Case in Tyrrelstown, Dublin West

Fianna Fáil Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has called for calm following news that a suspected case of Ebola has been identified in Tyrrelstown this morning. The public need clarity over the circumstances surrounding this case.

“Rumours were circulating around Dublin West this morning claiming that a person was being treated for suspected Ebola. I proactively contacted the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre to ascertain the veracity of the reports. The news then broke in the media afterwards,” Outlined McGuinness.

“Tyrrelstown has a high population of families with links to Western Africa. This is a very serious incident which will have a significant impact on the public. I am calling for calm and a campaign of public information to offset any panic in Dublin West,” concluded McGuinness.


Irish Water Application Pack Reveals Hidden Standing Charge

September 12th 2014 | Posted by David

“Irish Water confirm the standing charge but can not say how much”

Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has slammed Government mixed messages about standing charges for Irish Water. Under section C of Irish Water’s application pack, question 8 asks ‘How many people live in the household’ and provides 0 as one of the options. If this option is ticked, it forwards the applicant to question 11 which informs the applicant that they must apply for the unoccupied dwelling charge. This, Irish Water confirmed, is a standing charge but the fee has not yet been set by the commission of energy regulation.

“Government have, since the start of the year, dodged the suggestion that the free allocation of water would come with a standing charge. The electorate were promised that once they stayed within their allocation, of free water, they would not incur fees. The unoccupied dwelling charge, which will be levied on homes that use no water or waste water, confirms everyone will pay for water under Government’s plans and this particular measure represents an attack on the many citizens who have had to emigrate. What plans do Irish Water have to inform overseas homeowners who were already heavily fined last month over the Non Principle Private Residents charge,” said McGuinness.

“I am calling on the Government to clarify immediately how much this standing charge will be and if it will apply to all homes across the country. Many residents in Dublin West are returning their application packs ‘to sender’ because they do not believe they have all of the information they need before signing the documents. This standing charge is a breach of election promises and a clarifying statement is needed immediately for citizens,” concluded McGuinness