Connolly Hospital Waiting Times Mixed News for Outpatients #Dubw

July 24th 2014 | Posted by David

Fianna Fáil Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has welcomed significant improvements in waiting times for patients waiting 12 months or more for services at Connolly Hospital. Figures for April 2014 show 116 waiting for outpatient services while May 2013 showed a staggering 604 people waiting for similar services. However, with still over 8,000 people waiting for outpatient care overall, this good work needs to be built on and developed in order to ensure long waiting lists do not develop again into the future.

“Staff in Connolly Hospital should be justifiably proud of their hard work and effort in helping to lower waiting times for people waiting more than 12 months. Connolly staff are widely acknowledged throughout Dublin West for their professionalism and dedication to their patients.” Said McGuinness.

“However, in stark contrast to the 12-month figures, the overall waiting times in Connolly have actually increased over the past 12 months by an additional 296 to a total figure of 8,477 as of April this year. This is up from 8,181 from May 2013. While those waiting longest have clearly been prioritised and this effort has produced very tangible results, those waiting for less than 12 months have been ignored under HSE direction,” added McGuinness.

“I am calling on new Minister for Health, Minister Leo Varadkar, to outline what plans he has to stem this increase in waiting times in Connolly and ensure Dublin West residents receive adequate outpatient treatment in a timely manner given that the overall figures have increased over the the past 12 months, concluded McGuinness.


Fire Hydrants Being Opened in Corduff Estate Causing Water Lock Down #Dubw

July 23rd 2014 | Posted by David

To Whom It May Concern:

The water to Corduff Estate is being turned off due to a problem in the estate whereby some members of the public are opening fire hydrants in the estate and wasting water. The water will remain off until the Council is satisfied that the hydrants have been closed and will not be interfered with again.


Ann Egan
Senior Staff Officer
Water Services Department
Fingal County Council

Connolly Hospital

New Health Minister Leo Varadkar Should Now Re-Consider Children’s Hospital Location #Dubw

July 11th 2014 | Posted by David

Dublin West Fianna Fáil Councillor David McGuinness has welcomed a new face in the Department of Health where James Reilly’s reign was defined by his stubbornness and was widely acknowledged to be angry with his successor Leo Varadkar when the latter mentioned ’stroke politics’ during the primary-care center debacle. Many people believed at the time that this was an important factor in not facilitating Connolly Hospital’s bid for the National Children’s Hospital due to the location being in the Dublin West constituency.

“I issued a warning to Government recently: Stop before it is too late. The children and families of this country need a state of the art hospital campus that can further expand over time, that can tri-locate with adult services, maternity services and its own specialist children’s services. The choice of a city-centre location was always going to be dogged with difficulties but Minister Reilly seems to have learned nothing from the experiences at the Mater Hospital,” added McGuinness.
“It is never to late to rethink a bad decision. Minister Varadkar should clarify immediately whether he will prioritize a review of the St. James decision on foot of the significant opposition to this plan. Recent media coverage confirms the widespread anger to this city-centre site,” Added McGuinness.
“I am this time calling on Minister Leo Varadkar and Health-Care officials to engage immediately with Fingal County Council planning officials and develop pre-planning permission in tandem with existing plans to ensure a contingency is in place for any eventuality. This is the wise and prudent thing to do but needs to happen immediately,” concluded McGuinness.


McGuinness Congratulates Constituency-Colleague Joan Burton on Labour Leadership #Dubw

July 4th 2014 | Posted by David

“Opportunity now to repair damage caused by harsh Budgetary measures”

Dublin West Fianna Fáil Councillor David McGuinness has congratulated Joan Burton on her election as leader of the Labour Party. This is a major achievement for Joan, her husband and daughter, her supporters within the Labour Party and the wider electorate who have supported Joan’s political career. Dublin-West constituents now have one of the most senior politicians in the country representing them and this is undoubtedly a proud moment for them also.

“It is important to acknowledge that Minister Burton has presided over some of the harshest and cruelest cuts over recent budgets. Many of them were in direct contradiction to pre-election promises. These cuts were prominent on doors during the recent Dublin-West Bye Election where Joan’s candidate received just 5% of the vote despite a highly personalised campaign where Joan featured on every piece of literature, on billboards through out the Constituency and through extensive personal canvassing in Dublin West,” said McGuinness.

“Joan’s leadership of the Labour Party should coincide with addressing the issues that were raised in Dublin west in that campaign. Cuts to child benefit, cuts to the household package, reduction in single parent allowence for children being reduced from 14 to 7 years are just some of the measures that Joan implemented in her department. For the well being of her own constituents and for her own political survival beyond the next General Election, Joan should devote her leadership to reversing these cuts to the most vulnerable in society,” added McGuinness.

“The culmination of many decades of political activism have led to Joan Burton’s most senior political office to date. I personally hope it will lead to improvements in the quality of lives for the people of Dublin west and the rest of Ireland,” concluded McGuinness.