McGuinness Declares He Will Seek Fianna Fáil Dublin West Nomination

December 11th 2014 | Posted by David

Fianna Fáil Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has set out his intention to run for the party in the next General Election. At a Comhairle Dáil Ceantair (CDC) meeting tonight in Myo’s Pub Castleknock, McGuinness outlined his plans with the membership of the local organisation and made his declaration known.

“Dublin West is a hotly contested constituency but Fianna Fáil has performed well in two by elections coming second in both of these contests, I believe we have a fighting chance to win a Dáil seat here and I believe I have what it takes to put it up to Tánaiste Joan Burton and Minister Leo Varadkar,” said McGuinness.

“I am proud of my roots. I was born in Corduff, Blanchardstown, and can safely say being poor and having nothing was the norm for many families. This tough upbringing, however, and good parenting that I got from my Mother and Father, have given me the determination to work hard and have a better life for my family. I want to live in a society that rewards those who work hard and contribute to society. Equally, vulnerable people deserve some dignity and a caring Government unlike this Government who couldn’t care less about the societal issues this country faces,” outlined McGuinness.

“I want to appeal to the electorate to support a candidate who will give hard pressed families the support they need, who is a strong advocate for teachers, Gardaí and Nurses, and reward families who set up a business to try make ends meet. I am that candidate. I want to rebuild our reputation with older citizens who always says ‘Fianna Fáil looked after the old people’, and show people in working class estates that Fianna Fáil was the party who supported them in the past and now have the vision to establish the next generation of communities such as Blanchardstown, Cabra, Mountview and elsewhere,” added McGuinness.

“Fianna Fáil needs to go back to basics and improve their connections with all sections of society. I am canvassing and leafleting constantly and I maintain a strong social-media presence, I work hard for the people of Dublin West through my constituency office on Main Street Blanchardstown, through my clinics and provide a level of service that I believe is unrivalled and caters for all areas across Dublin 15. I hope to secure the nomination from the Fianna Fáil Dublin West organisation and win the hearts of the people across Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Clonsilla, Mulhuddart and Navan Road,” concluded McGuinness.


Littlepace Mugging Sets Dangerous New Precedent: McGuinness

November 28th 2014 | Posted by David

Councillor David McGuinness has expressed alarm at reports that a women was mugged on Thursday 27th November in Bramblefield estate near Littlepace. Locals report that three youths took a brown handbag from women by force at 9:10pm and made their getaway on foot and on a bicycle.

“This latest crime sets a dangerous new precedent in Dublin 15. Crime reports to date have focused on burglaries and car break ins but residents have been able to walk through their estates without incident generally and this incident will make families question how safe their community really is,” said Councillor David McGuinness.

“I sincerely hope that the victim of this traumatic experience is being comforted by family and friends and will get over this ordeal. The culprits need to be brought to justice and I am encouraging any locals in the Littlepace and Huntstown areas with information to come forward and contact Blanchardstown Garda Station on 01-6667000,” concluded Councillor David McGuinness.


McGuinness Calls on Irish Government to Investigate ‘Regin’ International Spying Software

November 23rd 2014 | Posted by David

“Experts say Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ireland mainly affected”

Fianna Fáil Dublin West Councillor David McGuinness has expressed alarm at breaking news that Symantec has discovered an international spying software which is claimed to be developed by a Government designed to spy on government organisations, businesses and private individuals around the world.

“Symantec, a company which is based in my constituency of Dublin West, has detailed a very serious threat to international cyber security which has primarily affected Ireland. I believe the Government should immediately set up a meeting with Symantec officials in Blanchardstown with a view to get to the bottom of this situation. Ireland is proud of our record in attracting foreign direct investment and we owe it to those companies who reside here, and our citizens, to take this issue seriously and set in motion a process to stop ‘Regin’ affecting our country,” outlined McGuinness.

“The Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon should also be instructed to establish an enquiry into potential data breaches which Symantec and the BBC have detailed this evening. The extent of the operations that ‘Regin’ engaged in over the past 6 years or so are not fully known or disclosed but this issue will receive significant international investigation which should be mirrored here in Ireland,” concluded McGuinness.

link below to BBC article detailing Ireland as one of three main countries affected

Symantec’s release


McGuinness Welcomes News of 1,400 Jobs for Blanchardstown

November 14th 2014 | Posted by David

Dublin West Fianna Fáil Councillor David McGuinness has welcomed news that 1,000 construction jobs and 400 permanent skilled jobs will be created following an announcement by Bristol Meyers Squibb today outlining an expansion of operation at their Cruiserath Site in North Blanchardstown.

“BMS are an important company in Dublin West. They have provided a base of Pharma Excellence and have provided employment for a lot of families in West Dublin. Recently, a job loss announcement from BMS was devastating for the area but today’s announcement is excellent news for Dublin 15,” said McGuinness.

“This news comes following the arrival a new Pharma plant beside BMS. Alexion Pharmaceutical are currently building their plant across the road from BMS and Dublin 15 is quickly becoming a centre of excellence for the pharmaceutical industry. I would like to congratulate the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Fingal County Council for their continued efforts in developing Dublin West as a hub of Foreign-Direct Investment,” concluded McGuinness.